How To: Fix “apksigner error” When Exporting for Android with Godot

Nathaniel Morihara
2 min readMay 15, 2021


If you go to export your Godot project as an Android .apk file and you get the following error ‘apksigner’ returned with error #1:

‘apksigner’ returned with error #1

Ensure that in the Android -> Export -> Options you either:

  1. Left ‘Debug’, ‘Debug User’, AND ‘Debug Password’ blank (in which case, Godot will fallback to the keystore provided in the ‘Editor Settings’, which should be set if you’re following the Godot “Exporting forAndroid” tutorial).

2. OR provided ‘Debug’, ‘Debug User’, AND ‘Debug Password’:

‘androiddebugkey’ and ‘android’ come from the “Exporting for Android” Godot tutorial

Note that this assumes that you are “Exporting With Debug”:

These directions assume that you are “Exporting With Debug”

and NOT a release .apk for the app store (otherwise, you need to provide the user/password in the “Release” fields for the release key you presumably generated).

EDIT: Godot will warn about the user about getting into this state once is released.

There may be other causes of the ‘apksigner’ returned with error #1 error, check out the Godot Q&A for further discussion.