Lessons learned from my first time creating pixel art for a game

Screenshot from our game, “Codename: Pandora”. I created the pixel art! Asset pack available here.

The Problem:

Gaps showing between tiles in your Godot TileMap

The Solution:

‘apksigner’ returned with error #1
  1. Left ‘Debug’, ‘Debug User’, AND ‘Debug Password’ blank (in which case, Godot will fallback to…

My second game jam game — The Merchant and His Daughter

Murphy’s snow angel isn’t perfect, but at least she has something to show for her effort

Even Murphy is already using Go Modules

Deciding on a game engine takes a lot of thinking

Why you should review code & how to get started

Murphy reviews code. Be like Murphy.

Why review code?

  • It gives me practice reading code.
  • I learn more about the code base.
  • I learn different styles and approaches to writing code.
  • I understand what people are working on and what is changing.
  • It helps my teammates improve their code, catch bugs, and get their…

Transitioning the code review tool of a monorepo

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Nathaniel Morihara

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