Lessons learned from my first time creating pixel art for a game

Screenshot from our game, “Codename: Pandora”. I created the pixel art! Asset pack available here.
  • Pick an Editor
  • Maintain a Consistent Concept & Style
  • Gather Inspiration &…

The Problem:

Gaps are showing between tiles on your Godot TileMap, something like this:

Gaps showing between tiles in your Godot TileMap

The Solution:

There are a couple of potential problems that could be causing this behavior.

‘apksigner’ returned with error #1
  1. Left ‘Debug’, ‘Debug User’, AND ‘Debug Password’ blank (in which case, Godot will fallback to the keystore provided in the ‘Editor Settings’, which should be set if you’re following the Godot “Exporting forAndroid” tutorial).

My second game jam game — The Merchant and His Daughter

What Went Well:

  1. Scoping and finishing: Once again I was able to actually complete the game I had envisioned. I was able to do so because I kept the scope of the project to the bare minimum. I decided that the narrative was what…

My first game jam game — Make Amaze!
  1. Learn the game engine Godot
  2. Publish a game (you can find it on Itch.io and the Google Play Store)

What Went Well:

  1. Godot: I decided to give Godot a try thinking I could benefit from using a “fully-fledged” game engine (read more about that decision

Murphy’s snow angel isn’t perfect, but at least she has something to show for her effort

Clearly defined purpose

One of my previous colleagues was notorious for…

Even Murphy is already using Go Modules

Deciding on a game engine takes a lot of thinking

Why you should review code & how to get started

Murphy reviews code. Be like Murphy.

Why review code?

I perform code reviews because:

  • It gives me practice reading code.
  • I learn more about the code base.
  • I learn different styles and approaches to writing code.
  • I understand what people are working on and what is changing.
  • It helps my teammates improve their code, catch bugs, and get their code through the door.
  • It earns respect from teammates.

Tips for reviewing code

Reviewing code when you’re starting at a company can feel daunting. Not only because of “imposter syndrome”…

Transitioning the code review tool of a monorepo

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Why did we do this?

The benefits of Github that fueled the transition include:

  1. Many engineers have a preference for the Github UI over…

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